Sunday, July 7, 2013

For Moms Everywhere

This is for moms everywhere.

The kinds of moms that break their BACKS and their BANKS just to make their kids happy and the same moms that break their little hearts when they tell them it's time for bed so mommy can enjoy the last of the mint chocolate chip ice cream.

The kinds of moms that match socks.  And somehow end up with one hundred and twelve leftover.

This is for the moms that listen to KidsBop and RadioDisney all the way to the beach.  And for the same moms that tell them the radio is broken on the way back. 

The kind of moms that dig made-for-tv Disney movies and find themselves replaying them when no one is around because you secretly fantasize about being that lead girl that finally gets over her stagefright, rocks out on center stage and wins over her BFF's crush.

For moms that clean up lunchboxes day after day and enjoy eating the leftover goldfish not because you don't want to waste food but because they are just so cheesy delicious.  And it's way more convenient than walking all the way over to the trashcan.

For the moms that let them sleep with Daddy now and then.  And then end up spending the night on the bottom bunk with three dogs and a pillow pet. 

This is for the moms that love bike rides and nature walks and climbing 600 foot steps to a waterslide.  Only to find out you've actually GAINED seven pounds and a cramp in your spleen.

This is for moms of athletes.  You ride them to so many games and practices, tournaments and clinics, that you could actually be ON the team if it not for your spleen and all those leftover goldfish.

For moms of whiners, tattlers, and complainers and all the patience they have for not jumping out a window or just dropping them off with Nana for the day.

This is for moms that sit through homework, projects, and chapter reviews.  And the same moms on a Friday that can't wait for that school folder to come home to see how YOU did. 

This is for moms that are woken up with the sun, not  because you live on a farm but because you live with several little thieves that announce things like "Mommy, it's time to get up!" and "Mommy, I'm going to go downstairs and consume myself with all things chocolate and a bag of chips if you don't come with me."

This is for moms that taught their children to read and yet cannot seem to find a MOMENT to read anything more sophisticated than Dr. Suess and a llama with a mama in pin-striped pajamas.

For moms that cook dinners from scratch.  And the same moms that when the cabinets are bare she can whip up a meal with a block of cheese, a grape and a can of olives. 

For moms that host dance parties in the kitchen, sculpt playdough zoos in the living room, and build tents of pillows and sheets.  And the same moms that lock themselves in their car.  Out in the driveway. Listening to Phil Colllin's Greatest Hits just to find a moment of peace.

And let's not forgot those moms whose children make mistakes.  Humiliate them in public when they announce their REAL age at the ticket booth when four and under are free and burp in public just because they can.  Because no matter how big the mistake or how terrible it might just be, it is absolutely, positively Daddy's fault.  

This one is for moms everywhere.  On Mother's Day.  On ANY day. And know that you make special EVERY day for the life of a child.  Even it takes all your energy, your sanity, and an extra-large bag of miniature hershey chocolates.

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